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What is a Good Credit Card Interest Rate?

When it comes to credit card interest rates, lower is always better. The lowest interest rate you can have on your credit card is 0% APR, although that’s typically only for a limited time. Zero percent APR also tends to be exclusively for balance transfers (when you’re transferring over balances you’re carrying …

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What’s the Credit Card CVV and Why Does it Matter?

Everyone knows guarding your credit card number is important, but did you know that there’s another number on your credit card you should be guarding closely as well? Besides your credit card number, the most important number on your credit card is the CVV. You may have heard of this …

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The Visa & Mastercard Updater Program

Many of us have recurring transactions on our credit cards. It’s convenient, simple and easy. Your credit card is automatically charged without having to go through the hassle of providing your credit card details each and every month. Most people live busy lives, so it can be a real time …

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Why Do Credit Cards Expire?

Have you ever wondered why your credit card expires? I recently had this happen to me. My MBNA Smart Cash Mastercard was nearing its expiry date. I was wondering when the new credit card would arrive. Thankfully it arrived about a month before it expired. That begs the question: is an expiry …

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The Danger of Only Paying the Minimum on Your Credit Card

It arrives every month without exception – sometimes by mail, most of the time electronically by email. That “wonderful” credit card statement that shows us how much we’ve spent in a month. As our motto goes, a credit card is a powerful financial tool when used responsibly. Your credit card …

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